Solar System

High-quality Solar Lights for Dubai Streets & Homes in Dubai

Apply Material Supply System is proud to offer a great selection of solar street lights in Dubai. In recent years, this kind of lighting has quickly become a popular choice. They can be used for illuminating areas along the street and in parking lots, beside sidewalks, and in other areas where having an adequate light source is critical.

For the first time in UAE, AMSS is proud to present two types of solar lighting:

  • Integrated type – Easy to install and turn on, one unit includes all the components for a lesser cost. It is ideal for villas, gardens, streets, and parking areas.
  • Standard type – It uses separate components in the pole – fixture, solar panel, battery, and controller. It is ideal for highways, and it provides more wattage.

When properly installed, our line of quality solar lights will store the power of the sun and illuminate at a time you specify. Thanks to many of these lights using the latest LED technology, you won’t have to worry about the bulbs burning out too quickly. That means you’ll have the lighting you need without the concern of frequent maintenance that is often required with traditional street lighting.

Cost-effective Solar Street Lighting Options

Our systems can help save you money. While a traditional light source requires wiring, electrical connections, and trenching to be installed properly, none of these are required for solar lighting systems. That means you’ll save money on the installation costs and these lights will begin to pay for themselves right away. Over time, the use of this renewable energy over traditional power will help to reduce your carbon footprint and make sure your utility bills are kept to a minimum. In this way, you are helping the environment while reducing your energy consumption and cost.

Get in Touch with Our Office in Dubai

If you are ready to purchase solar lights, make sure Apply Material Supply System is your first call. One of our professional customer service team members will help you determine the types of solar-powered lighting you need so they work for your project needs. They will also be more than happy to answer any questions you might have in regards to this style of lighting.

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